Our services for individuals

Our school can offer clients services in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Romanian


NEW offer

Czech for foreigners

Individual instruction is best for students whose needs can not be met by regular classroom instruction. Whether the student requires a flexible schedule, needs additional personalized help, or wishes not to be restricted by less advanced students in a larger class; individual instruction can offer what any student may need. Individual instruction still includes testing and learning objectives like in the classroom setting, with the advantage that the instruction can be optimized for the individual student. 

The course instructor will set up a flexible individual study plan that can be changed throughout the course and adapted to your needs and wishes.


Quality and instruction process

  • You select the trainer (Czech teacher / native speaker, age, female / male) and the content of the language course.
  • You can decide on day and time and cancel the lessons if necessary
  • You choose the payment method that suits you.
  • We can arrange a trial lesson within one week of your request
  • We also offer intensive training on weekends.


Instruction methods

Individual lessons are conducted by qualified instructors from our lecture team. We have both experienced Czech teachers and native speakers of the various languages. Study plans are based on a well-chosen educational programs according to individual  advancement and specialization needs.Instruction is focused on all-round knowledge of the language, with an emphasis on practical oral communication. We can expand your vocabulary according to your actual needs.


Language level

Lessons are suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced).


Language lessons can take place in our classrooms, at your home, or in your workplace (in and around Prague).

Course focal points

  •  Universal language
  •  Professional language
  •  Conversations (with Czech teachers and native speakers)
  •  Grammar
  •  Preparation for language exams
  •  Travel 



Courses are launched throughout the year according to clients' requirements.