Price List

The price for individual lessons with native speakers for a length of 90 minutes is 700 CZK. If you are interested in attending lessons with another person or two other people, the price remains the same, ie. CZK 700 per lesson with a length up to 90 minutes with three people.
In the event that you create a group of students with four or more people, 100 CZK is added to the basic price of the lesson for each additional person (for example: the price for a 90 minute lesson will be CZK 800, a group of five students will be 900 CZK etc.).
There are no additional charges to have the instructor meet the students at any location within Prague. Additional charges may be added for locations outside Prague and will be calculated according to the distance.
For corporate training we tailor the price to what we can agree on.
We offer free introductory lessons.